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Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume Two Download, Gankaku, Hangetsu, Jitte, Jutte, Sochin Advanced Shotokan Kata, Volume One  Download version
Gankaku, Hangetsu, Sochin, Jitte, Tekki Nidan,Tekki Sandan, Bassai-Da, Kanku-Dai,Empi, Jion, Tekki Shodan

Traditional Shotokan Karate
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Speed. Power. Effective Self-Defense.

Sensei Joel Ertl and Sensei Anita Bendickson bring top level instruction in the art of traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate right into your living room. Learn what karate students from all over the world have discovered and start improving your karate today!

  • Instructors Joel Ertl (6th Dan) and Anita Bendickson (5th Dan)
  • Japan Karate Association style
  • Easy to understand instruction
  • Professionally Produced
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  • Money Back Guarantee
  • DVDs are region-free (compatible in all countries)
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