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  Beginner Yoga by Anita Bendickson (2 DVD set)
Beginner Yoga taught by Anita Bendickson

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Beginner Yoga by Anita Bendickson
(2 DVD set)

This two DVD set presents Beginner Hatha Yoga instruction taught by Anita Bendickson. Anita gently guides you through poses suitable for all levels, but especially for those just beginning to learn yoga

Slow paced and gentle, this DVD provides an excellent introduction to basic yoga poses, as well as breathing and meditation exercises. You will experience relaxation and the opportunity to become comfortable with yoga.

Each disk contains three different workouts. Pick the workout that suits your schedule, 60 minutes, 40 minutes or 30 minutes. Each session ends with a peaceful relaxation exercise to take you into the rest of your day. The menus make it easy to pick your workout , and also to select individual sections of each workout for additional study.

(120 minutes)

*Note to our foreign customers- Our DVDs are "region free", and will work in any country in the world.

These are still frames from Disk One:

Anita Bendickson demonstrating warrior two posethe reclined to hand foot pose from the beginner yoga dvd
Anita performing the triangle poseDownward dog pose from the Beginner Yoga volume one DVD

These are still frames from Disk Two:

An outdoor picture of the Cobra poseAnita doing the hatha yoga bridge pose
The extended side angle pose